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CMG reaches tentative agreement with PMNA

The bargaining team for PMNA Calgary has reached a tentative agreement with PMNA.

Highlights of the deal include:

-This is a three-year agreement effective from July 1, 2021 until June 30, 2024
-All members, regardless of current salary step, will be given a signing bonus of 350 dollars
-1% salary increase in the third year. (There will be no increases in the second year to allow economic recovery)
-$40 premium will be paid to an employee assigned to lead duties working for an entire shift without a manager
-There will be a longer period allowed to file a grievance (20 days)
-All temporary employees will be able to accumulate seniority that will be counted when they become permanent part-time or full time when in a similar job within the same classification (Previously there was a minimum service term. That is now gone.)
-Extra sick day for part-time workers (for a new total of three days)
-New language on diversity
-Addition of Agate Job classification and salary grid
-Agreement to continue working collectively on improving benefits and a policy protecting employees’ rights to privacy. (This item is separate to the CBA.)
-All employees, full- and part-time, will be given one paid mental health/wellness day in calendar year 2021 (this item is separate to the CBA )

We will hold a membership meeting on Tuesday, June 1 at 10 a.m. MT to go over the agreement and for the bargaining committee to take members’ questions – look for a Zoom invite in the coming days.

Online polls will open right after the meeting for members to vote on the agreement. 

CMG Calgary Bargaining Committee:
Mary McComish, CMG PMNA Location Unit Vice-President
Scott Edmonds, CMG’s acting Staff Representative (tsedmonds@yahoo.ca)
Julie-Anne Vondrejs, CMG Staff Representative (julieanne@cmg.ca

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