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CMG settles a complaint and gets payment for freelance journalist

This week, CMG settled a grievance with CBC involving a member of our Freelance Branch whose work had not been paid at the appropriate levels for several years.  It turns out the CBC had not asked the journalist to sign a contract with payment details as required.  The CMG has now resolved the issue of contracts and CBC has agreed to have all freelancers sign contracts.

The case also involved a dispute over payment based on item length, as well as fine edit premiums. The CMG managed to get a significant payment in compensation, but negotiations were hindered by the fact that the problems happened a number of years ago – well beyond the normal limit for filing a grievance.

Reminder to raise any violation of our agreement early

While the union was able to obtain payment in this case, we want to remind all members of our Freelance Branch to familiarize themselves with the collective agreement, Article 30, and to raise issues as early as possible when you believe there has been violation of our agreement.

The Guild has a standing joint committee made up of freelancers and a Guild staff representative along with members of CBC management. The group meets regularly to discuss concerns and solve problems when they occur, often without filing a grievance. Individual freelancers also have a role to play in the relationship : by raising issues or questions as soon as they come to light, you protect your own interests. If you wait too long, we may not be able to get the resolution you’re looking for.

If you have questions or concerns, reach out to Guild rep Keith Maskell (Keith@cmg.ca) anytime.

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