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Company response less than satisfactory: CMG bargaining team at Vice

After three bargaining sessions, your bargaining team was finally presented with a very thin Collective Agreement document by the company. The text was lacking details, but the company claims it was attempting to capture the concepts we had been talking about at the bargaining table in language they could live with.

It would be difficult for us to accept and live with this draft as our Collective Agreement. To call it substandard would not be an understatement. It appeared to be a basic template that would be ill-suited to a national digital media company with talented, creative people producing complex work.

We did have further spirited discussion with the company and will be presenting at our next meeting a first comprehensive offer that will hopefully move the goalpost closer to us in our efforts to win you an effective contract.

We want to bring everyone together for a membership meeting soon in order to update you on how bargaining is going, so we’re looking at October 6, 2016 for a general meeting. We’ll send out another announcement once we’ve secured a meeting location.

Your Bargaining Committee:
Deb Hong
Navi Lamba
Justin Ling
Maggie McCaw
Priscilia Van Veld
Federico Carvajal, Staff Representative
Terri Monture, Staff Representative

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