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Deal reached on performance management

The Canadian Media Guild and the CBC have come to agreement on the important issue of performance management at the bargaining table this week. The new language underlines the importance of the process, both for the public broadcaster and its employees, and keeps it entirely separate from both performance review and discipline.

The process will allow our members to get regular feedback on their work and let them know where they stand within the CBC. It also sets out clear objectives and achievable goals. Together with the new skills inventory that the CBC has agreed to create, performance management will help employees achieve long and rewarding careers in public broadcasting.

The Guild considers agreement on this issue as significant progress and hopes that the two sides can build on the success of this week and find agreement in more areas of common interest.

We will back at the table next Monday to begin a full week of bargaining.

We like to hear from you. Please send along your comments and questions to guild@interlog.com, or call the national office at 416-591-5333 or 1-800-465-4149.

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