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Federal conciliator meets with Guild and CBC

The Canadian Media Guild and the CBC met this week with Jennifer Webster, the federally appointed conciliator. It was an opportunity for the parties to outline their views on the outstanding issues and to plan an agenda for the continuing talks.

The Guild and the Corporation will resume talks the week of June 13th in Toronto. Next week, the Guild bargaining committee will begin visits to CBC locations across the country to speak to members about the state of negotiations and the critical issues before us.

We are committed to working with the Corporation, with the assistance of the conciliator, to find solutions. While the challenges are daunting, we continue to believe that agreement between the parties is possible as long as good faith negotiations take place.

Since last week, we have reached agreement on several issues including:

? Scheduling of meals and breaks
? Sales vehicle allowance
? Shift differential
? Air credits
? Occasional contributors
? Special leave
? Travel

We are pleased with the progress these agreements demonstrate but realize that many very difficult issues still need to be resolved.

We look forward to meeting with members next week and, as always, welcome your questions and comments. You can reach us by email at guild@interlog.com or at 416-591-5333 or 1-800-465-4149.

Your bargaining committee:
Arnold Amber, Toronto
Pierre Claveau, Vancouver
Brendan Elliott, Charlottetown
Percy Hatfield, Windsor
Joe Hill, Toronto
Wendy Hunt, Toronto
Gerry Jones, Regina
Barbara Saxberg, Toronto
Lee Siemon, Toronto
Chris Turner, Fredericton
Rick Warren, Vancouver
Dan Oldfield, Senior CMG staff representative

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