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Friday is return-to-the-dentist day

The CBC benefits department has confirmed that the dental plan will be in effect Friday October 7. However, please mail your claim ? don’t use email ? if you visit the dentist on Friday. Great-West Life may not have their systems in place quite yet to deal immediately with CMG claims. Beginning next week, everything is expected to be completely operational.

Other benefit news: CMG members can expect to see regular LTD (long-term
disability) and optional life insurance/ADD premiums deducted from their first CBC paycheque October 27.

LTD is fully paid by employees and therefore you owe 8 weeks of premiums. CBC will not deduct the premiums all at one time; the Guild and CBC management are discussing the best way to spread out the impact. However, the regular bi-weekly premium will resume October 27.

For the past 8 weeks, the Guild has been paying all optional life insurance premiums on behalf of Guild members who’ve subscribed to those plans, so they would not have to requalify for those insurances. Once Guild members are back and receiving regular paycheques, the CMG will notify those members who’ve opted in to those plans to organize repayment.

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