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Guild bargaining update

The Canadian Media Guild and CBC management are making steady progress at the negotiating table.

Yesterday, the two sides came to agreement on provisions for assignment of work as they discussed the issues of day-to-day working conditions. The article outlines the Corporation’s rights and restrictions. They also discussed the working conditions for producers and associate producers, covered by the article on producers’ authority.

“There has been a lot of talk about how many articles we have left to agree on,” says the Guild’s CBC branch president Arnold Amber. “In fact, many of the issues left are inter-related and when you group them together, there are only about 15 areas for us to settle. Those do include, however, the main issues concerning employment status and provisions for layoff and recall.”

Today, the two sides are talking about outsourcing, also known as contracting out of Guild work to outside organizations. The negotiating teams plan to meet on Saturday and Sunday.

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