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Guild files complaint against AAC

The Canadian Media Guild has filed a complaint of unfair labour practice against Alliance Atlantis Communications. The complaint alleges that AAC is punishing employees for choosing a union to represent their interests.

Earlier this month AAC announced that it would be applying annual salary increases and bonuses to employees. The increase, however, was denied to employees in the Guild’s bargaining unit. The explanation from AAC management was that offering the increases could prejudice the upcoming contract negotiations. Even after the Guild replied that we had no objection to the increases, AAC continued – and continues to this day – to refuse to grant the salary increases to bargaining unit members.

We will be pressing the Canada Industrial Relations Board to call a hearing as quickly as possible so that the matter can be resolved. We regret that we have had to adopt this adversarial approach, but members’ salaries are at stake; we also need to make it clear to AAC management that this kind of action by an employer cannot go unchallenged. We have indicated to AAC that we are open to the possibility of discussing potential solutions in order to avoid a hearing.

To read the full text of the complaint, click here.

For more information or if you have questions, please contact me at keith@cmg.ca . We will keep you posted on developments as they occur.

Keith Maskell
CMG Staff Representative

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