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Guild needs volunteers to help negotiate our next collective agreement at CBC

The deadline to apply for CMG bargaining committee has been extended to Friday, June 21, 2013. Notification of the call for bargaining committee members was emailed to all members on April 30. However, it was not posted on the CMG website which may have meant not all members were aware of the opportunity. Therefore the deadline has been extended to ensure all members have an opportunity to express an interest. Those members who have already applied need not re-apply and their applications will be considered at the conclusion of the new deadline. We regret any confusion.

Here is the original note that was sent to all members:

Our agreement at CBC expires in less than a year, and it’s time to begin the process of selecting a team to represent the over 5,000 Guild members during the next round of talks. Although the collective agreement doesn’t expire until March 31, 2014, we expect meetings to begin as early as August of this year with formal negotiations beginning in the fall.

The committee is responsible for all aspects of negotiations with the Corporation, including research, development of proposals, bargaining and communications with members. Committee members dedicate significant time and effort to the negotiations process and can expect to be away from their jobs and their homes for weeks at a time this coming fall/winter. Bargaining committee members are released from work but remain on the CBC payroll on paid union leave during negotiations.

You don’t need to have bargained a collective agreement before to apply. In our experience, the best approach to forming a bargaining committee is to gather together a group of people with a wide variety of skills and abilities. Here are some basic criteria for bargaining committee members:
– team players
– good communications skills
– Willing and able to reach out to Guild members to discuss issues
– prepared to participate actively in planning for as well as bargaining with the employer
– familiar with the workplace and the existing collective agreement and its application
– able to do research and develop strategies
– good note takers

In addition, candidates from all work groups are considered to provide balance on the basis of media (radio/TV/new media), language, gender and geography.

If you are interested, please submit a letter outlining why you want to join the committee, and which skills and abilities you believe you will bring to the team. Send your letter to info@cmg.ca.

The CBC Branch Executive Council will put together a sub-committee tasked with selecting the bargaining team.

The new deadline for applications is Friday, June 21.


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