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Guild proposes settlement to avoid strike at APTN

The Canadian Media Guild presented an offer of settlement today in an effort to avoid a strike by editorial employees at APTN. Employees have twice rejected a management offer.

“We are eager to fix the problems and help make APTN a leader in quality journalism in this country,” says Greg Taylor, vice president of the APTN branch at CMG and a member of the union’s bargaining committee. “What we’re looking for is evidence that APTN management is as committed to this news service as we are, and committed to treating its journalists with dignity and respect.”

Despite being granted $11 million more per year in cable subscriber fees by the CRTC at the end of 2005, APTN management has refused to commit to training and offered only 2% per year in wage increases over the next five years, which is below the industry average. APTN employees have a lot of ideas about how to strengthen the network, but they feel that they are not being listened to in their own workplace.

The union’s offer of settlement proposes a plan to improve the relationship between employees and management, a commitment to develop a training program, and wage increases totaling 11.5% over five years.

The union has not yet set a strike deadline and is willing to work with federal conciliators at the bargaining table to get beyond the impasse. We are also organizing events over the next couple of weeks to raise public awareness of our issues and to build support from within the broader labour movement.

We will keep you updated on all developments.

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Greg Taylor
Cheryl McKenzie
Bruce Spence
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Dan Zeidler

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