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Guild sets strike vote

After more than a year of negotiations the Canadian Media Guild bargaining committee is asking members for support. A strike vote will be held across the country on Wednesday July 13 and Thursday July 14.

Why should I vote YES?
A strike vote is the strongest possible mandate. We need to send a strong message to CBC management that you back your Guild bargaining committee against the Corporation’s regressive positions. Here are some examples:

? The Corporation wants to make all of us disposable, by hiring most future employees on temporary contracts, in almost all areas of work across all units. This would ultimately phase out permanent employment at the CBC. If you are now on contract, you could never hope for any kind of job security. If you are now permanent, you would likely be targeted for layoff. The Guild believes that a stable and committed workforce is needed to create quality public broadcasting.
? Contracting out ? The Guild seeks assurances that decisions around contracting out won’t be based on the simple premise that “if anyone can do it cheaper, it’s for sale”
? Layoff and Recall ? Management seeks to severely limit an employee’s right to available work in the event of a downsizing.
? Overtime averaging ? Management continues to insist on averaging some employees’ overtime over four weeks. Averaging defeats the purpose of overtime, which is to discourage management from routinely scheduling or assigning extra hours of work.
? Turn-around – The Guild believes employees should have enough time to enjoy their families and get a good night’s sleep between shifts. CBC continues to insist that the time between shifts (turn-around) be just 8 hours for everyone. We think that is unreasonable and unfair. Most employees now have a 12 hour turn-around.

What will my YES VOTE mean?
You are authorizing the Guild to declare a job action, up to and including a strike, if negotiations fail. This will send a message to the Corporation that you are serious enough about these issues to take job action if necessary. That is the most powerful negotiating tool we have.

Why now?
By mid-August, we will be in an “open period” when our existing contracts are no longer in force. At that time, the Corporation will have the power to lock us out and we need the power to call a strike if talks fail.

When and how do I vote?
You can cast your vote in your location on July 13 and 14 between 9 am and 5 pm local time. If you are unable to vote in person, you can vote by proxy by authorizing a colleague to cast a ballot on your behalf. There will also be an advance poll available via the Internet from Friday July 8 at 12 noon Eastern Time to Monday July 11 at 6 pm Eastern Time. If none of these methods is possible for you, please call the Guild national office at 416-591-5333 or 1-800-465-4149. For complete details, see the CMG Voting Rules
What happens next?
Talks continue. If, after mid-August there is no deal and the bargaining committee feels that job action is necessary, it will seek approval for a strike from the Guild’s National Executive Committee. Both the Corporation and the Guild must give you three days notice before launching a lockout or a strike.

Where can I get more information?
Guild meetings will be held across the country before the vote to discuss the issues and answer your questions. Visit www.cmg.ca/cbcbranchnegsupdatesn.asp anytime for the latest updates. You can also email your questions to guild@interlog.com, or call the Guild office at 1-800-465-4149 or 1-416-591-5333.

Stand up for your future at the CBC. Support the Guild and vote YES!

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