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Guild stands firm in bargaining with CP

The Canadian Press ownership group tabled their latest contract offer this week. Unfortunately it contained no meaningful changes from their demands for major cuts to salaries, benefits, sick leave, vacations and our pension plan. The company also rejected our proposals, even the ones that would have saved them money.

We responded by again driving home the point that employees won’t accept big rollbacks and the company must rethink its approach if it hopes to table a proposal we could accept.

Talks are to resume in February, by which time a federal conciliator will have been appointed.

We know you are angry and disappointed about the company’s hard-line position. You have a right to be. Let’s continue to stand firm and work for a deal that recognizes our value, our workload and the sacrifices we have made in recent years.

Thanks for your ongoing support and ideas. Stay tuned. We will be connecting with Guild members across the country in the coming days.

Your bargaining committee:
Terry Pedwell
John Cotter
Ross Marowits
Craig Wong
Keith Maskell, CMG staff representative

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