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Important message for TVO CMG members; bargaining update

Dear CMG Members,

Earlier this week, we met with the employer and conciliator. We received their latest pass, which included an updated offer on wages and another attempt at eroding our job security.

First, the wages. The employer is offering the following yearly increases

  • 2022: 2.5% 
  • 2023: 2.5% 
  • 2024: 1.75%

While we were happy to see an improved wage offer, the total after three years is still well below the rate of inflation for 2022. Meanwhile, almost every manager on the Sunshine List got a much bigger increase for 2022 alone than they’re offering us for all three years combined.

Managers justify their pay increases by saying it’s pay for performance. Why aren’t the workers who actually make the content being rewarded for their excellent performance? Why do only managers deserve a raise at (and above) inflation?

Secondly, job security:

The employer has reiterated their demand that our union waive conversion rights for contract education workers. This would prevent our colleagues from ever becoming permanent members and enjoying the job security and health benefits they deserve, including maternity leave, long-term disability, bereavement leave and paid sick leave. Contractors can be terminated without cause with two-weeks notice, so these members would have no job security whatsoever.

TVO told us that even if we come to an agreement on wages, there will be no deal unless we agree to this waiver. The bargaining team will never recommend this concession.

It is now time for the TVO/CMG bargaining members to take a stand and vote against the employer’s last offer.

We strongly recommend voting “NO” and declining to accept this offer. The wage increases are insufficient and the concessions in job security are completely unacceptable, especially for a public sector job.

If we vote against it, as the bargaining team recommends, we will be ramping up our job action, up to and including a work stoppage, and we will require your involvement in this fight for a fair deal.

The vote will take place from July 26 at 12 p.m. to July 31 at 5 p.m. We have attached a highlighted document which includes the employer’s last offer as well as information about strikes for members to review prior to voting.

If you have any questions, please connect with members of the bargaining team.

In solidarity,
Meredith, Justin, Cara, Colin & Dave
(Your bargaining team)

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