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Improving shift premiums at CP/BN

A joint committee is meeting to examine shift premiums, which is the extra money you earn when you work those inconvenient night, overnight and weekend shifts. The committee was established during a previous round of negotiations and the Guild would like to find ways to improve the premiums.

Among the issues we hope to address are:

– What constitutes a night, overnight or weekend shift?
– Are they fair?
– How do shift premiums correspond to the degree of “hardship”?
– Other issues brought up by Guild members.

The Guild members of the committee plan to seek your input on applying shift premiums in the next couple of weeks. We will likely do this through an online survey and discussions with you.

Please feel free to contact us with any concerns or suggestions you might have.

Susan Leblanc (sleblanc@cp.org)
Peter Cameron pcameron@cp.org)
Colin Perkel (perkx@sympatico.ca)

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