It’s time.

Our collective agreement at CBC expires in just over a year.

The media industry as a whole, and CBC/Radio-Canada has changed in hugely significant, and often unexpected ways, since our current collective agreement was negotiated four years ago.

It’s time to rewrite the document that defines our relationship with our employer, guarantees our rights in the workplace and provides a proper foundation for the meaningful work we do each day.

It’s time for a new agreement that reflects the melding of media lines and shifting duties and expectations. An agreement that provides clarity and fairness.

The first step is to choose a team that will work to advance the interests of the over 4,000 Canadian Media Guild (CMG) members at CBC/Radio-Canada during the next round of talks to negotiate a new collective agreement.

The bargaining team should be made up of CBC/Radio-Canada workers from across Canada and job classifications who will bring their curiosity, dedication, fondness for precision and life experience to the bargaining table.

If you’re a critical thinker with keen analytical and problem-solving skills, are comfortable reaching out to your co-workers in person or in writing, and are willing to spend weeks at a time in Toronto (usually cooped up in a windowless room pouring over documents) this might be a job for you.

The role of bargaining committee member is open to all CMG members. If you feel you have something to offer, step forward.

Members of the negotiating team will receive pre-bargaining training, required costs will be covered, and there will be no wage loss.
Bargaining is a long but worthwhile process. It won’t be finished until a new contract is ratified by all of us, together, as co-workers.
Deadline for applications is March 6, 2018. Negotiations are expected to  begin in September, and our current contract expires March 31, 2019. Bargaining committee members will be chosen by May.
Apply here to be considered for a spot on the CMG CBC bargaining team.
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