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Lockout just hours away

CBC President Robert Rabinovitch and Vice Presidents Richard Stursberg and Jane Chalmers are within hours of shutting down the CBC. Hosts, producers, camera-operators, sales staff, administrative support, reporters, editors and many others will likely be on the street at midnight tonight.

CBC management is prepared to lock out 5500 employees to get what it wants. It’s impossible to believe that the goal is something minor or insignificant.

The vice presidents of radio and television claim these negotiations are about the Corporation’s right to hire contract employees in the future “where programs, formats, and entire services come and go constantly.”

The real goal, however, has finally been spelled out this weekend by CBC management at the bargaining table. “We want to have a choice in how we hire people.” When asked why management needs this, no reasons were given other than a repeated, “We want the choice.”

Is it really that simple? The answer is no.

One is led to believe in the flurry of management’s communiqu?s and press reports that not much will change if it gets this contract language. Can anyone believe that a massive lockout, which could go on for months, is about plans for minor change in the way the Corporation does its business?

CBC management continues to suggest that permanent staff is not up to the task of dealing with changes in programs and formats. No group of employees has demonstrated so overwhelmingly a capacity to change and adapt. Over the past 15 years, thousands of permanent staff have been cut, technology has revolutionized the business and demands of the Canadian public have changed. Throughout it all, CBC’s permanent staff has met and surpassed the challenges. New programs, formats and services have been developed. This is undeniable. It’s now that same loyal staff CBC management intends to lock out at one minute after midnight.

We call on the CBC Board of Directors to rescind the lockout notice and call an emergency meeting before the current senior management is permitted to embark on this scorched earth approach and risks the welfare of our members and the future of public broadcasting.

Get the latest developments by calling our hotline at 1-888-591-9129 or visit the website at www.cmg.ca.

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