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Lots of discussion as the Guild continues bargaining with CBC

Your union met with CBC management in Port Credit, Ontario, last week to continue collective bargaining.

Some issues under discussion include producer roles, training and development, skills development, temporary employees and the Vacation Purchase Plan. As usual, monetary issues will be discussed later in the process.

CMG and the CBC are focusing on issues in a way that attempts to satisfy the interests of both parties. This kind of bargaining was instituted in 2008 as a means of healing the troubled relationship between the union and the CBC, and continues as a way of moving the relationship forward.

The CBC bargaining committee is made up of decision-makers, with input from other senior management. CBC President Hubert Lacroix came to Port Credit to show his support for the bargaining process and was accompanied by several of the most senior executives at CBC-Radio-Canada.

The parties will next meet the week of November 4. We will keep you apprised of developments. Bargaining is an ongoing process and nothing will be finalized until everything is negotiated.

Your CMG bargaining committee,

Michael D’Souza
Wil Fundal
Allan Gofenko
Elaine Janes
Marc-Philippe Laurin
Marianne Malo Chenard
Harry Mesh
Dan Oldfield, Senior Staff Representative
Glenn Gray, Staff Representative and Lead Negotiator

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