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Negotiations at Corus – Update

We wanted to let you know that we met with management on Tuesday and Wednesday last week. We had good discussions on smaller issues, but Corus’s bargaining committee told us that their mandate from senior management was the same.

While we appreciate the company’s attempts to begin addressing the wage disparity, they again refused to go beyond a one-year deal (which would expire just 5 months from now on May 1, 2018) and did not have any additional money to address the $10,500 wage gap between people in our bargaining unit doing similar work.

As a next step, we’ve proposed that Corus’s bargaining committee bring someone who has decision-making authority to our next meeting.

“We’re working on putting together a summary of negotiations so far, and we look forward to going through it with you.” 
Paul Stilo

“We worked hard on the issue of stand-by. I think we’re really close on it, only about $20 off.” 
Craig Jasman

“We’ve proposed that we bring in a mediator to the next session to make sure the negotiating process is fair.” 
Carlos Cabezas

“We got Corus to agree to lock in two Personal Days a year.” 
Dan Ryan

CMG bargaining committee at Corus:
Carlos Cabezas – INR
Dan Ryan – INR
Alexa Smith – Master Control
Craig Jasman – Engineering
Paul Stilo – Engineering
Matt Douglas, CMG Staff Rep (matt@cmg.ca)
Sean FitzPatrick, Legal counsel for CMG

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