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Negotiations at TVO: Minimal progress at the bargaining table










The CMG negotiating team has met with TVO a number of times over the past few months, but there has been little progress. The union presented a list of proposals members told us were important in a recent survey, but the company came to the table, set on concessions and continues trying to reduce TVO workers to the minimum working conditions provided by law in key areas.

The committee has refused to capitulate and has made our position clear: we will not negotiate concessions, cuts and clawbacks.  We continue working to bring the CMG-TVO collective agreement into 2020 with fair and reasonable gains, particularly on the digital front.

Our priorities remain:

-Reworking  job descriptions, adding clarity to classifications and boosting job security
-Finding improvements for freelancers and contract employees, including those in the Ontario Hubs
-Extending the definition of family to include all forms of families that reflect our evolving society, as well as extended family members
-Salary improvements for everyone

The two sides made some progress on housekeeping issues in the collective agreement.

Thank you for sharing your priorities with us in the bargaining survey, and for continuing to bring your concerns and your ideas forward.  As always, member involvement is the key to achieving our collective goals as media workers at TVO.

We return to the table again on February 20, and we will be holding a general membership meeting on Friday, February 21 at noon to keep you updated – More details on that soon.


The CMG bargaining committee at TVO:

Meredith Martin (meredithisgreat@gmail.com)
Cara Stern
David Rockne Corrigan
Carla Lucchetta
And Gregg Thurlbeck, former CMG President at TVO, who is joining the team as an “elder statesman” to share his bargaining experience as needed.
Lauren Baert, Staff Representative, Canadian Media Guild (lauren@cmg.ca

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