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Negotiations between CMG and Pagemasters have begun!

Your bargaining committee sat down with Pagemasters management yesterday to begin negotiations to renew the collective agreement.

We told management there was a high degree of consensus on the priorities that you set in the surveys and the membership meeting:

-Fair wages that reflect the value of the work that you do and new job classifications and pay rates to cover all of the work being done

-A better balance between your work and your life outside of work (improved vacations, better hours of work)

-Better job security, particularly for part-time employees

We said we believe union members and management share an interest in retaining staff and that our proposals will contribute to that goal. You can view the full bargaining objectives we shared with management here.

Management gave us a high-level overview of the business and how it fits in the changing media landscape.

Next week, we will begin to exchange formal proposals. We will keep you updated on the developments.

Your Guild bargaining committee:
Helen Cook
Laura Godfrey
Anna Maxymiw
Terry Pedwell, Guild president at CP/Pagemasters
Karen Wirsig, Guild staff representative

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