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Negotiations between CMG and VICE management have begun

We now have a union negotiations committee and have met briefly with VICE management to deliver our objectives for the talks, based on the survey results and meetings with members. Top priorities for bargaining include pay and benefits; increased vacation time; and job security. You can read all our objectives here .

We have also met to discuss the positions in IMS/Virtue and which ones should be included in the union. No agreement has been reached on that issue yet.

Our first full negotiation sessions are scheduled for August 11 and 25. We are still waiting for the management team to confirm further dates in September.

The full union negotiating team is:
Raffi DerGhazarian
Deb Hong
Navi Lamba
Justin Ling
Troy Manning
Maggie McCaw
Jordan Pearson
Priscilia VanVield

Six of these members will attend negotiation sessions with management and three will serve as alternates. They will be joined by CMG staff representatives Terri Monture (terri@cmg.ca) and Federico Carvajal (federico@cmg.ca) and will present proposals for the first collective agreement.

If you have questions about the process or would like to provide input, please talk to a member of the committee or get in touch with Terri and Federico.

You are receiving this message because you have shared your email address with the union. Please forward it along to any colleagues who are new to VICE or who did not receive it. Members can sign up to the union here: http://www.cmg.ca/en/membership-card/.


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