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Negotiations continue with Shaw Media: Week 3

We had a lengthy discussion this week with management about job classifications and career paths. The Guild asked for information in order to prepare a proposal we will make in the coming weeks to revisit existing salary scales and job classifications. We want to make sure these reflect both the reality and the value of the jobs you are doing at Shaw Television.

Next week, we won’t be meeting management face to face. Instead, the Guild committee will meet in caucus to further develop our remaining proposals. Most of these are monetary in nature, including salary and benefits.

We are scheduled to meet again with the company for three days beginning March 23. As we reported last week, we have made a series of proposals related to non-monetary issues since the beginning of negotiations. We are still waiting for formal responses from management on these proposals.

If you have any questions, please speak to any one of us.

Your Guild bargaining committee:

Mike Duong, Shaw Media branch president
Katy Boudreau
Sherisse White
Karen Wirsig, CMG staff
Keith Maskell, CMG staff representative (keith@cmg.ca)

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