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Negotiations with ZoomerMedia continue

To date, your bargaining committee has met with ZML managers Rob Wright and Sheri Ellis thirteen times. We are making solid progress and the list of outstanding issues is shrinking steadily.

We are now into the final and most difficult phase of bargaining, when we discuss monetary issues. In addition to obvious things like salary and benefits, other issues such as annual vacation and sick leave are also considered monetary items because there are costs attached. ZML also wants to discuss jurisidiction or “scope” – in other words, who is covered by the collective agreement and, more importantly, who isn’t.

The proposals we have presented on these items are, in our view at least, reasonable. Our philosophy is that Guild members at ZoomerMedia should continue to move forward, financially as well as along their career path, rather than having to make any sacrifices just for the sake of increasing profits.

We’ll let you know about major developments as and when they occur..

As always, we thank you for your feedback and your support.

Your bargaining team
Matthew Duffy
Marie Lofranco
Rob VanSickle
Keith Maskell, CMG Staff Representative

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