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New CMG staff rep for members at Shaw

CMG staff representative Terri Monture will be taking over the lead on service to members at Shaw this month. Keith Maskell, our go-to rep since we joined the Guild in 2005, has taken over servicing for the Guild at The Canadian Press following the retirement of CMG staff rep Kathy Viner.

Keith and Terri are working together to make sure the transition is smooth for everyone. You can reach Terri at terri@cmg.ca or by calling the Guild office at 416-591-5333, ext. 245. Terri joined the CMG staff in 2009 after being the unit chair for her union at Now Magazine for 12 years. She now works with CMG members at the Aboriginal Peoples’ Television Network and ZoomerMedia as well as on human rights and equity initiatives.

We would like to thank Keith for all his work on behalf of members at Shaw. Since 2005, he has led negotiations for two collective agreements and helped us resolve many issues with management.

We are looking forward to working with Terri. Members will have an opportunity to meet her at a party we are planning for members at Shaw in order to celebrate our new collective agreement. Mark your calendars for the evening of Thursday September 22; we have booked the Panorama Lounge in the Manulife Centre. Full details on the party will follow shortly.

If you need any help or have any questions, please talk to any one of us or get in touch with Terri at the Guild office. Also, if you ever need anything from the Guild office and Terri is not available, you can talk to Louise St-Amand, the CMG’s union services co-ordinator (louise@cmg.ca).

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