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One week down in negotiations with PMNA

This week, we presented all of our proposals for improving the collective agreement to the management side. We have proposed:

-Higher salary scales for all classifications

-Pay in lieu of benefits for part-time employees

-100% employer-paid benefits premiums for full-time employees (up from the current 75%)

-A reduction in the threshold to reach four weeks of vacation, from 10 years to five

-Top-up to Employment Insurance benefits during maternity leaves; 100% employer-paid benefits premiums for employees during maternity and parental leaves

-Mandatory employer contributions to employees’ retirement savings accounts

-A mechanism to convert part-time employees to full-time status

-A reduced probation period

-Health and safety and harassment provisions spelled out in the collective agreement

-A joint Employer-Employee committee that would meet regularly to discuss workplace issues

We also discussed scheduling provisions with a view to ensuring both full-time and part-time employees get two weeks’ notice of their schedule, have two consecutive days off, and are required to work no more than five days in a row.

Management is expected to respond to our proposals when we meet again next Monday and Tuesday. We’ll keep you up to date on the developments and are planning for a membership meeting in mid-November to get your input.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact any one of us with any questions or comments.

CMG Bargaining Committee:
Layla Bozich (layla.bozich@gmail.com)
Laura Godfrey (godfrey.lc@gmail.com)
Anna Maxymiw (a-maxymiw@rogers.com)
Madeline Smith, Alternate (madeline.ek.smith@gmail.com)
Olivier Roy, CMG Staff Representative (olivier@cmg.ca)
Karen Wirsig, CMG Staff Representative (karen@cmg.ca)

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