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Our agreement is ratified; the future starts now

Our new collective agreement was ratified this week with a vote of 93% in favour. I would first like to thank everyone who participated.

This new agreement represents a fresh start for employees and management at the CBC. It is the product of long and respectful discussions about how we do our work and what is important for the organization. It will allow us to continue those discussions over the next five years to make sure that the conditions are right for us to do our jobs.

This new agreement has clear language on temporary and contract employment, issues that have proven difficult in past rounds of bargaining. We have a new and easier to understand Workforce Adjustment Article that provides improved rights for every CMG member at the CBC who might be affected by layoffs. But above all, this agreement marks the beginning of a new era in the relationship with our employer; one built on respect each has for the other’s role and responsibilities.

There is a recognition that people ? we, the employees ? drive the success of the CBC in providing quality programming to Canadians. And, of course, it is the same people ? we, the members ? who ensure that the union is effective and working for the good of all.

In this new era, it will be as important as ever for you to bring forward your ideas and comments, your questions and concerns. It will be as important as ever for you to be an active participant in the life of your union at CBC. I am very much looking forward to working with all of you as we move forward.

On behalf of all of us, I would like to thank our negotiating committee, the people who gave up weekends and evenings and spent weeks away from their families and homes, to negotiate this new agreement: Annick Forest – Vancouver, John O’Connor – Regina, Elaine Janes and Barbara Saxberg -Toronto, Chris Turner – Fredericton, Brendan Elliott – Charlottetown, Harry Mesh – Gander-Grand Falls. Our thanks and appreciation goes out to Senior Staff Representative Dan Oldfield and Staff Representatives Glenn Gray and Bruce May for their wisdom and guidance throughout the process. Their energy and commitment made all the difference.

In solidarity,

Marc-Philippe Laurin
CBC Branch

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