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Pagemasters management refuses to respond to CMG wage proposals

We met two days this week with the PMNA management team, expecting their response to the full set of proposals we presented last week.

We discussed some non-monetary issues including scheduling, but citing a “serious divide” on monetary issues, management refused to provide any counter-proposals on pay scales, benefits, retirement savings, vacations, and even maternity leave.

Unfortunately, CMG cannot assess the depth of this divide, since management would not state a clear position on what they’re willing to pay us, if different from the present, for the valuable work we perform for PMNA and our clients. They also refused to talk about issues specific to part-time employees.

We’re planning membership meetings for Thursday, November 16 to talk to you about possible next steps. We’re aiming to hold meetings at 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. that day to accommodate various PMNA schedules, and we will follow up shortly with details of the meeting location(s). Please mark the date  and times in your calendars, because it will be important to attend..

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact any one of us with any questions or comments.

CMG Bargaining Committee:
Layla Bozich (layla.bozich@gmail.com)
Laura Godfrey (godfrey.lc@gmail.com)
Anna Maxymiw (a-maxymiw@rogers.com)
Madeline Smith, Alternate (madeline.ek.smith@gmail.com)
Olivier Roy, CMG Staff Representative (olivier@cmg..ca)
Karen Wirsig, CMG Staff Representative (karen@cmg.ca)


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