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Progress Continues: End of Week Two

We continued to work through non-monetary issues last week and signed off on company policies on family leave and religious holidays for non-Christians. We also discussed the out of town assignment protocol and jurisdictional concerns (managers who do a disproportionate amount of Guild work).

As mentioned previously, we are trying to resolve these items by the end of July and we are well on track to do that. On Friday, CFO, David Ross presented a full financial report for The Canadian Press as of June 30, 2010.

Talks will resume the week of July 26, we’ll break for the week of August 3 and start again on August 9.

Members can contact any of the bargaining team with questions. We’ll continue to keep you informed of developments.

Your bargaining committee

Terry Pedwell, Canadian Press Branch President
Sylvia Strojek
Fareed Mohammed
Scott Edmonds, Pension Trustee
Craig Wong, Pension Trustee
Kathy Viner, CMG Staff Representative

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