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Reporters now appearing on CBC not Guild members

Many Guild members who have tuned in to CBC television to have a look at management’s attempts to broadcast the news have expressed concern about stories reported by journalists with whom we are familiar.

None of the reporters that you see on CBC TV these days is a locked-out member of the Canadian Media Guild.

Most are in Quebec, where the journalists belong to a different union than CMG. There is also a reporter and videographers in Moncton who belong to the Quebec union. In addition, several reporters stationed overseas have done stories or could soon be asked to do so.

Ann MacMillan, a former correspondent, is the manager in London. Nancy Durham and Azeb Wolde-Giorgis in London, Nahlah Ayed in the Middle East, David McGuffin in Africa, and Henry Champ in Washington are all on unaffiliated contracts. These people are local hires and as such have not been locked out. Their contracts with the CBC require them to work. They are not scabs.

However, out of solidarity with his colleagues, Paul Workman in Paris has decided not to return to work until the lockout is over. As a result, CBC management has put him on “unauthorized” leave.

For more information, please contact Guild president Lise Lareau (lise@cmg.ca) at 416-591-5333 or 1-800-591-5333.

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