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Restructuring talks intensify

This week’s session of talks with The Canadian Press moved into major financial and restructuring issues. We got answers to many of our questions about how the transformation from cooperative to for-profit corporation will take place, as well as where and how the company expects to increase revenue. Some points, however, remain to be addressed.

We have reviewed promising financial projections for the future of The Canadian Press. If they are met, no job cuts are planned.

Your bargaining committee has been in contact with the federal Ministry of Finance to clarify what needs to be done if we are to achieve a second pension regulation. We are seeking a similar meeting with OSFI, the pension regulator. This second regulation would provide pension funding relief for an additional 13 years.

The investors have said that we must reach a new collective agreement and resolve all pension restructuring issues before the deal can be completed. The pieces of the collective agreement puzzle are beginning to come together. We have begun to address monetary issues, including wages, as well as the term of the collective agreement.

Earlier this winter we had very specific and detailed discussions about the nature and volume of work that people are expected to perform. Using this information we have agreed to continue to look for ways to reduce workload.

Talks are scheduled to resume Monday August 23.

A reminder: we have created a confidential online forum where Guild members at The Canadian Press can discuss bargaining and restructuring issues. All members of the negotiating team can be contacted through the forum. If you haven’t already registered, please contact Scott Edmonds at tsedmonds@yahoo.ca to get your username and password.

Your bargaining committee:

Terry Pedwell, Canadian Press Branch President
Sylvia Strojek
Fareed Mohammed
Scott Edmonds, Pension Trustee
Craig Wong, Pension Trustee
Kathy Viner, CMG Staff Representative

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