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SVOX bargaining update – progress

Your Canadian Media Guild negotiating team has been meeting regularly with the S?VOX
committee for several months, and we’re pleased to report that progress is being made.

To date the two sides have agreed on nine articles, including language on health and safety
as well as creating a joint union-management committee to oversee the benefit plans and
examine the possibility of setting up a pension plan. We expect to be able to reach
agreement on several more articles at our next meeting on June 20, and we will continue to
move toward the more complex issues.

The approach both sides have agreed to take in this first round of bargaining has been to
get agreement on the less controversial issues first, before discussing the bigger,
costlier issues. This is a common approach to collective bargaining. Neither side has
broached the issue of salaries or salary increases yet, although we have had some
preliminary discussions about the job evaluation process and the current salary grades.

We will continue to keep you updated as developments occur.

Your bargaining committee

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