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Tentative agreement on a new deal at CBC

The Canadian Media Guild and CBC/Radio-Canada have signed a tentative agreement on a deal that will take the parties to 2014. The five-year pact is scheduled to come into effect on January 1, 2009 and is subject to ratification. It replaces a collective agreement that was set to expire in March of next year.

The agreement calls for wage increases of 1.5% in each year and is tied to Treasury Board levels. It has a wage re-opener at the beginning of the third year. There is a commitment that in the event the Treasury Board rate is increased during the life of the agreement that increase will be passed on to members of the bargaining unit.

The deal also sees improvements in maternity/paternity benefits, temporary upgrades, bereavement leave and benefits in the event of a downsizing.

In the coming days more details will be provided as well as plans for ratification meetings and vote.

The deal is being unanimously recommended for acceptance.

Marc-Philippe Laurin
CBC branch president
Canadian Media Guild


George C.B. Smith
Senior vice-president
Corporate priorities and implementation

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