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Tentative agreement reached between CMG and PMNA

We have reached a tentative agreement with PMNA. There is no pretending that these were easy negotiations, held as they were under the heavy cloud of current industry difficulties, including at PMNA. However, your bargaining committee fought hard to make some improvements.

Please note that this agreement applies to PMNA Toronto only. It is expected that when bargaining begins for the Calgary Location Unit, we will be looking at similar elements to this agreement.

Here are some highlights:

-This is a three-year agreement effective upon ratification until December 31, 2023

– All members, regardless of current salary step, will be given a signing bonus of 350 dollars. Part-timers, who were treated differently in the past, will get the full amount (not pro-rated)

– 1% salary increase in the third year. (There will be no increases in the second year to allow economic recovery)

– $40 premium will be paid to any employee assigned to lead duties if there is no manager on duty

-There will be a longer period allowed to file a grievance (20 days)

– All temporary employees will be able to accumulate seniority that will be counted when they become permanent part-time or full time when in a similar job within the same classification (Previously there was a minimum service term. That is now gone.)

– The company must give a minimum of 48 hours’ notice for any schedule change

– Extra sick day for part-time workers (for a new total of three days)

– New language on diversity

– Agreement to continue working collectively on improving benefits and a policy protecting employees’ rights to privacy. (This item is separate to the CBA.)

– All employees, full- and part-time, will be given one paid mental health/wellness day in calendar year 2021 (this item is separate to the CBA and will be announced by management post-ratification)

Next steps: Membership meeting and Ratification vote

We will hold a membership meeting on Wednesday, April 21 at 12 p.m. (ET) to go over the agreement and for the bargaining committee to take members’ questions – look for a Zoom invite in the coming days.

We will also discuss a proposed merger of our Calgary and Toronto location units. The goal of the merger is to enable members in both units to work jointly, share information and resources, and take part in the union under the same executive structure. This facilitates unity and solidarity as we are all working for the same employer. We are stronger together.

The merger would not impact the bargaining process as the collective agreements are registered in two different provinces, and we must legally bargain in each province and ratify the agreements separately.

Members are encouraged to bring any questions about the proposed merger to this meeting.

The ratification vote for PMNA Toronto members only will be held April 21-23 via the online voting system, simplyvoting.

Your bargaining committee:

Sarah Munn, CMG Location Unit member, PMNA Toronto
Mary McComish, CMG Location Unit President, PMNA Calgary
Scott Edmonds, CMG’s acting Staff Representative (tsedmonds@yahoo.ca)
Julie-Anne Vondrejs, CMG Staff Representative (julieanne@cmg.ca)


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