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The CMG bargaining team at CBC/Radio-Canada

We are excited to announce the 2023-2024 Bargaining Team that has been selected to negotiate the next CMG CBC collective agreement:

  • Faith Fundal (Radio Host – Winnipeg)
  • Kat McMorrow (Network Assignment Producer – Toronto)
  • Saïda Ouchaou (SRC Digital Producer – Toronto)
  • Jag Panesar (Supervising Stagehand – Toronto)
  • Pauline Pemik (Local News Producer – Iqaluit)
  • Jane Robertson (Video Producer – Charlottetown, PEI)
  • Naomi Robinson (Production Editor – Toronto)
  • Jonathan Spence (Finance Specialist – Toronto)

CMG is fortunate to have had four times more applicants than there were spots on the bargaining team, and all had many positive qualities to offer.  A big thank you to all who put their names forward.  Watch for more information and updates on the bargaining front over the coming year.

The CMG Convention is coming up on June 8-10, 2023, where we will conduct the business of the union. Please reach out to your Location Unit President to let them know what you think the union should be focused on.

We continue to hear about issues with Workday, including irregular paycheques.  Please let your local staff rep know if it happens to you, or you have other problems with Workday.  CMG leadership has continued to press management to address the fact that our Cultural Census data is so openly apparent on our Workday profiles, but to date they have not changed how it is displayed on the portal. Remember that if you are uncomfortable with the way your answers appear in Workday, you can change them to “prefer not to answer” until such time as CBC treats our personal information with more care.

CBC will soon begin using a third party provider for disability management called ReedGroup.  Although we hope this will lead to better coverage for our members who need to take sick leave, we want to know if anyone faces problems. If you do, please contact your local staff rep and  cc karren@cmg.ca

Finally, we wish to acknowledge the hard work that our members do everyday to make CBC/SRC the public broadcaster that Canada needs right now.  Our independent journalism and stories told from a Canadian perspective highlight the range of perspectives from across the country, and we do so free from interference by government or corporate players.  We remind you that you are not obliged to use your personal social media accounts for work purposes, and that it is important that we follow JSP guidelines to ensure our impartiality is obvious.

 We wish you all a Happy May Day !

 CBC Branch Executive Council

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