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The fine art of negotiation

We recognize that these bargaining communiqués are void of any real detail, but it’s a necessity with this type of negotiations – even more so in this round because there are so many players and so many complex issues.

This week we cleared some hurdles with the federal government and pension regulators which has helped move things toward a resolution.

Both sides are prepared to make compromises and talks have now focused primarily on the final items dealt with in any round of bargaining, i.e. term of the agreement and wage increases.

We are taking time over the weekend to consider everything on the table and will resume negotiations on Tuesday, September 7.

Your bargaining committee:

Terry Pedwell, Canadian Press Branch President
Sylvia Strojek
Fareed Mohammed
Scott Edmonds, Pension Trustee
Craig Wong, Pension Trustee
Kathy Viner, CMG Staff Representative

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