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Union files for conciliation in deadlocked negotiations with The Canadian Press

Toronto, Aug. 30, 2021– The Canadian Media Guild (CMG) has filed for conciliation in Ontario and Québec after bargaining talks with The Canadian Press (CP) broke down.  The decision follows more than a year and a half of talks between CP and CMG that saw little progress on the major issues.

“It’s hoped the injection of provincial conciliators will move things forward,” said Scott Edmonds, the CMG representative leading talks for the union.

“The company continues to seek concessions from members who have already stepped up over and over again to help the employer weather some tough times, and enough is enough,” he added.

“Editorial employees, in particular, have seen their pay drop further and further behind colleagues at news operations in the major cities where most work. With inflation on the rise this cannot continue.”

The Canadian Press collective agreement expired in 2018 but was extended for an additional year, when bargaining commenced, and this has been the most contentious round in recent memory.

It’s also the first time the two sides have had to negotiate under provincial labour jurisdiction.

CMG has first sought conciliation in Québec and Ontario, where the bulk of the 177 covered employees work.

CMG is hopeful that in the coming weeks management at The Canadian Press will return to the bargaining table in good faith and recognize the value of its workers and the more than 100 years of service CP has provided Canadians in communities across the country as an unbiased news source driven by truth and accuracy.

If conciliation fails to help the parties settle their differences, they can move into position where a strike or lockout is possible at the end of the process.


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