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Union update: Bargaining, return to work and vaccinations

CMG and ZoomerMedia are scheduled to begin bargaining the collective agreement on August 24.

As many will remember, the current collective agreement was extended for an additional year and will now expire on August 31, 2021.

In preparation for this round of bargaining, our union sent members a survey to collect your thoughts and priorities.  Results show a range of issues including equality, job security, improved compensation and health and safety are significant for a majority of members.

We will also be discussing company plans for returning-to-work, and future options in working arrangements.

As always,  our union will count on member involvement, participation and support – Your input is a key component of each step in the bargaining process.
And in order to make improvements, we need to be clear and pull together.  Your bargaining team will keep you informed as bargaining progresses.

In regards to the COVID-19 situation, public health officials currently believe both vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals have equal potential to be Covid-19 carriers.  Science may bring more clarity on this in the weeks ahead. We will be following developments closely.

In the meantime, employers have an obligation to evaluate individual medical accommodation requests on a case by case basis.
CMG will continue to monitor and  address all health and safety concerns at ZoomerMedia.

Wishing you a safe and enjoyable summer,

Your CMG Zoomer bargaining team:
Darren Gonsalves
Mike Brown
Huong Luu
Matt Douglas, CMG Staff Rep
Julie Anne Vondrejs, CMG Staff Rep

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