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Upcoming round of bargaining with ZoomerMedia

In advance to upcoming collective negotiations, we are asking members to put their name forward to be a part of our Union’s Bargaining Committee. The Committee will be made up of two Bargaining Unit members who along with our CMG staff rep and the Zoomer Branch president will meet with the Company to negotiate new terms for the continuation of our Collective Agreement.
Members of negotiating team will be granted the required time off from work, and any expenses will be covered by our union.

Interested members can submit their name to Darren Gonsalves (dgonsalves1@gmail.com) by July 5. If more than two members are interesting in being part of negotiations, we will advise you of the selection process that will be followed.

What Matters to you most? Fill out our Bargaining Survey to ensure your concerns are heard
With bargaining of a new agreement at Zoomer Media set to begin soon, it’s important to find out what matters to members the most in the workplace. The CMG executive committee at Zoomer working with the CMG staff reps has created a bargaining survey that all members are invited to fill out by July 7.

Here is the link to the survey:
All responses are kept confidential.
Ad please feel free to reach out for a chat with any one of us if that’s what works best.

Save the date – CMG lunch with Crazy Buritto food truck on Thursday, July 6
Everyone’s invited for a CMG lunch on July 6!
Crazy Buritto food truck will serve Burritos, Tacos (vegetarian and Halal options available) near Zoomer from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 6.
Come hang out and chat with your CMG colleagues.
A reminder will be sent closer to the date      

Terri Monture, Staff Rep, CMG
Matt Douglas, Staff Rep, CMG

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