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Update on bargaining at AAC

Your CMG bargaining team spent two days this week in negotiations with AAC management. In all, we have met for 18 days since the beginning of January.

We have reached agreement in principle on about half of the approximately 40 articles that have been put on the table so far. We remain far apart on some issues; at times it’s about philosophical or legalistic issues, on others it’s about money, plain and simple.

All of us want to reach a deal as quickly as we possibly can, but both sides are also aware of the need to do it right rather than rushing into a “quick and dirty” deal. We plan to push hard over the coming months to get an agreement that meets our members’ needs as well as the goals of the company.

We thank you for your support as we work on this first contract. Being able to talk about our members’ real-life experiences, both good and bad, is one of the best tools we have at the bargaining table. Remember: if you have concerns or questions in the workplace, there are people who can help you. Talk to your department steward, a member of the executive or one of us.

We are taking a short break from bargaining for the summer holiday season. The two sides will be meeting again on August 10 to continue talks.

Your bargaining team:
Masaaba Mwambu
Tom Rudman
Michelle Smith
Keith Maskell, CMG Staff Representative

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