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Update on Guild negotiations at AAC

Last week, your CMG bargaining committee met with AAC management for two days in our continuing efforts to reach a first collective agreement.?

Although there are still a number of non-monetary issues that are as yet unresolved, we have pushed the process forward by tabling pretty much all of our contract proposals, including those that involve costs to the employer.

On the financial side, we have made wage proposals that we think are responsible and reasonable, given AAC’s strong financial position. We have also proposed improvements to the existing pension contribution formula. As for the non-monetary items, we’re looking for the same kinds of basic protections and processes that exist in most unionized workplaces. It’s worth pointing out that many of the Guild’s proposals focus on maintaining the good things that already exist. We want AAC’s broadcasting operations to succeed at all levels, and we want AAC to be a great place to work. For that to happen the company needs to recognize and respect employees’ needs, and be more open and transparent in the way it deals with people.

As always, we appreciate your support of our efforts. You can contact any of us with your questions about negotiations. We will be communicating more detailed information about some of our proposals in the coming weeks.

Your bargaining team:
Masaaba Mwambu
Tom Rudman
Michelle Smith
Keith Maskell, CMG Staff Representative

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