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Year-end letter from branch president Terry Pedwell

Dear colleagues.

What a year!

It’s hard to believe that we are coming to the end of 2009, a whirlwind of a year for everyone at The Canadian Press.

It began where 2008 left off, with our pensions in peril and the very future of the company in question. We all made sacrifices, but The Canadian Press survived — the pension survived ?– and we as employees and members of the Canadian Media Guild survived.

Now, we look forward to 2010 with the company still in the midst of a major restructuring, the pension confidently in good hands and The Canadian Press giving birth to its own version of the New Year’s baby: Pagemasters North America.

Throughout the past 12 months, we have said good-bye to many a colleague, some taking early retirement, others taking their leave voluntarily, and we wish them well.

On a personal note, I would like to thank staff representative Kathy Viner and CMG vice president Scott Edmonds for their never-ending energy and hard work throughout the year, and in particular their wisdom. Thanks also to my fellow executive members Roger Ward and Steve Mertl for their tireless efforts to represent the needs of all members.

The New Year will be another challenging one for all of us as we continue playing a part in this enterprise.

As Pagemasters moves toward officially opening its doors, we at the Guild are asserting our rights to bargain for the new employees, to ensure they are treated fairly.

As well, we hope to have the answers early in the New Year to the questions that all of you have about the restructuring of The Canadian Press, and what it will mean to you and your investment stake in the company.

And, of course, bargaining will begin in January toward a new collective agreement. Most locations have reported to us their concerns and suggestions going into these talks. And they have offered some very good, constructive ideas that are very much needed and appreciated. I expect this could be a particularly difficult round of negotiations, and your support will be in high demand.

As we embrace what has transpired in the year about to end, now is the time for celebration and gathering with family and friends. So, as some of us lay down tools for a short break, while others continue toiling to bring Canadians the news they need, I want to wish you all the very best as we reflect on the joys offered by the season, and the many, many blessings bestowed upon us.

On behalf of the Canadian Media Guild, I also want to offer my hope that 2010 will be a healthy, prosperous and happy New Year for everyone.

Terry Pedwell

President, The Canadian Press Branch

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