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CBC Branch Elections 2013 – Candidates

Here are the people that are running for positions on the CBC Branch.  Click on the candidate’s name to view their bio.

As of the October 11 deadline, many candidates have been elected by acclamation. For positions that remain vacant, the nomination period has been extended to October 24.

You can read about the roles and responsibilities of elected Guild officials here.


PRESIDENT:  Marc-Philippe Laurin, [AnythingPopup id=”6″]

[AnythingPopup id=”2″] – elected by acclamation


Kevin Keigher,   [AnythingPopup id=”5″]


Atlantic:  [AnythingPopup id=”1″] – elected by acclamation

Jo-Ann Roberts – elected by acclamation

Allan Gofenkoelected by acclamation

Michael J. Robert – elected by acclamation

Prairies (West of Manitoba):  John O’Connor – 
elected by acclamation

SRC West (Manitoba and West):  
Dominique Delisleelected by acclamation

SRC East (East of Manitoba):  
Chantal Payant – elected by acclamation

Diversity and Human Rights:  
Wil Fundalelected by acclamation

Education & Mobilization:  
Alice Hoptonelected by acclamation

New Members, Youth & Temporary Employees:  
Sean Laughlin – elected by acclamation

Online & Emerging Platforms:  
Annick Forest – elected by acclamation

Small locations (under 50 members):  
David Croft – elected by acclamation

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