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CBC Branch President’s Award of Recognition

Award Criteria

The Award is given for exceptional service by a member of the CBC Branch in support of one or more of the following bodies:

– a CBC Branch Location Unit
– the CBC Branch
– the Canadian Media Guild
– the CMG’s parent unions, including CWA/SCA Canada and the Communications Workers of America
– the Canadian labour movement.

a) The service in question may be for a single exceptional achievement.

b) It may also be for consistent, long term service of an exceptional nature.

c) It shall be in acknowledgment of exceptional contributions one or more of the following areas: mobilization, leadership and governance, innovation, education, picket-line courage, organizing, long service of a particularly dedicated nature, or any other activity that the selection committee deems worthy.

d) The award may be given posthumously, but only in the most exceptional circumstances.


a) Nominations will be made to the branch president’s Award Selection Committee c/o the CMG National Office.

b) They may be made by any member of the branch, in good standing at the time of the nomination.

c) Nominations require two seconders who must also be members in good standing at the time of the nomination.

d) Nominations shall be made in writing either by letter or using a prescribed form, bearing the original signatures of the nominator and seconders.   They will explain in detail the reasons for the nomination and will include the name, job title and location unit of the individual.

The Selection Committee

The Award is given by the president of the CBC Branch on the recommendation of the Award Selection Committee.  The term of the selection committee will coincide with that of the president. The recommendations of the selection committee are final.

Previous winners include:

Naomi Robinson 2022
Carmel Smyth 2019
Gaynette Spafford 2017
Christina Mayo 2015
Harry Mesh 2013
Lise Lareau 2011
Glen Guerin 2009


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