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CBC/Radio-Canada CMG member petition to CBC

The essential workers of CBC are the foundation of this globally respected and nationally beloved company. Without frontline workers, viewers, listeners and readers would not have access to the content they have come to expect.

In March 2020 the Government of Canada declared all media, including CBC/Radio-Canada to be an essential service, meaning we fulfill a critical role.

Members appreciate that CBC has made some effort to make it fair between our colleagues who work from home and those who have worked inside stations throughout the pandemic.

CBC reimbursed members for parking/transit expenses in some locations and provided Wellness Days for all of us to look after ourselves.

While grateful for these initiatives they don’t go far enough to acknowledge the sacrifice and  critical role played by essential workers over the past two and a half years.

Now coverage of parking and transit is ending, and it’s uncertain if Wellness Days will return.

By keeping our broadcasts on the air, shooting interviews in the community, or even travelling, employees risked the safety of themselves and their families, and continue to do so. 

Throughout the pandemic CMG provided many suggestions that were rejected, on how to recognize workers.

CBC’s lack of care and recognition is now the root cause of diminished morale among some employees and is reflected in the poor results year after year in the Gallup surveys. 

The essential workers of CBC vehemently request that management do better. They ask CBC to:

* Extend the reimbursement of parking and transit indefinitely for employees who cannot work from home.

*  Consider fuel subsidies to employees for which public transit is not an option.

 * Grant additional wellness days.

 * Allow more flexibility like shorter workdays, compressed hours, and reduce stretches to no more than 5 workdays.

*  Consider the health and wellbeing of all employees when evaluating each telework request

 On the pension surplus issue, it is simply unacceptable and unfair that CBC wants to pocket the surplus and not share it with its employees and retirees at a time when inflation is cutting into our paycheques more than ever.

In addition, for all CBC/Radio-Canada CMG members, we request:

*  A Cost-of-Living Allowance (COLA) clause to match Canada’s annual inflation rate.

 * Equal distribution of the pension surplus to all employees and pensioners who contribute to the pension plan.

CBC employees have continued to uphold their commitment to audiences all along. Will CBC management help restore their morale and pride in the brand by honoring their requests for better?

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