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CMG National Committees – CBC Branch 2023-2025

Please find below your CBC Branch Committee members. If there are questions, please speak with CBC Branch President Naomi Robinson (naomi@cmg.ca) or with your local executive.

Descriptions of committees and application forms >>

Bargaining Team 2023 >>

National Grievance Committee
Naomi Robinson – Co-chair
Maria-Carmen Gutierrez – Vancouver
Pierre Millette – Ottawa
Jonathan Spence – Toronto
Peter Cowan – St. John’s
Olivier Roy / Matt Douglas – Staff Representatives
National Grievance Committee Reports >>

National Joint Committee
Anis Heydari – Calgary
Kat McMorrow  – Toronto
Saida Ouchaou-Ozarowski – Toronto
Naomi Robinson – Toronto
Matt Douglas / Joël Tétreault – Staff Representatives

Consultative Committee on Staff Benefits
Vik Adhopia – Toronto
Murray Cullen – Halifax
Nola Keeler – Edmonton
Naomi Robinson – Toronto
Elke Semerad – Ottawa
Olivier Roy / Matt Douglas – Staff Representatives
Consultative Committee on Staff Benefits Reports >>

National Joint Employment Planning Committee

Jessica Doria Brown – Charlottetown
Pierre Millette – Ottawa
Derek Prosser – Carp
Naomi Robinson – Toronto

Matt Douglas / Marianne Malo-Chenard – Staff Representatives

Joint Broadcast Technology Training Committee

Denton Booth – Burnaby
Bruce Fowler – Calgary

National Health and Safety Policy Committee

John Lesavage – Toronto
Derek Prosser – Carp
Patrick Wright – Sudbury
Alternate- Bruce Fowler
Olivier Roy / Joël Tétreault – Staff Representatives

National Joint Performance and Development Dialogue (PDD) Committee

Myfanwy Davies – Fredericton

Vlad Dmitrijevic  – Toronto
Michael Hillman – Vancouver
Brian McKay – Halifax
Incoming Rep/ Matt Douglas  – Staff Representative

CBC Branch Bylaws and Policy Committee

Matthew Martin – Yellowknife
Sarah Robinson – Toronto

Joint Learning and Development Committee

Nancy Carlson – Edmonton
Adrienne Lamb – Edmonton
Shaina Jones – Toronto
Joël Tétreault / Matt Douglas – Staff Representatives

Joint Equity Diversity & Inclusion Committee (JEDI)

Cathy Browne- Vancouver
Pooja Joshi – Toronto
Malika Karim -Calgary
Saïda Ouchaou-Ozarowski – Co-chair – Toronto
Carl Gannon – Staff Representative

Joint Pay Equity Committee

Saïda Ouchaou-Ozarowski  – Co-chair – Toronto
Heather Barrett – St. John’s
Francesca Mérentié – Toronto
Brittany Wentzell  – Sydney
Carl Gannon – Staff Representative

Job Evaluation committee

Charlie Dutil – Toronto
Derek Prosser- Carp
Ron Boileau – Winnipeg
Patrick Legay/ Marianne Malo-Chenard – Staff Representatives

Corporate Steering Committee

Anis Heydari – Calgary
Dominique Gauthier – Winnipeg
Eva Uguen-Csenge – Vancouver
Heather Barrett – St. John’s
Kat McMorrow – Toronto
Naomi Robinson – Toronto
Pauline Pemik – Iqaluit
Pierre Millette – Ottawa
Matt Douglas / Olivier Roy – Staff Representatives

News Issues Committee

Anis Heydari – Calgary
Brittany Wentzell – Sydney
Stephen Cook – Edmonton

CBC Branch Education and Mobilization Committee

Nola Keeler – Edmonton
Stephen Cook – Edmonton

CBC National Transmission Health and Safety Committee

Adam Paradowski – Winnipeg, MB (co-chair)
Howard Zheng – Toronto, ON
Bruce Fowler – Calgary, AB
Derek Prosser – Ottawa, ON
William Antle – St. John’s, NL 

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