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CMG Policy: Grants: Donations to Outside Organizations

Approved by the National Executive Committee on November 5, 2006

The Canadian Media Guild recognizes that as a prominent media union in Canada it will be asked from time to time to make donations to various charitable, professional or like-minded organizations. CMG does not make contributions to any political party or candidate for political office, be it national, provincial or municipal office.


This policy is designed to provide a framework under which donations can be made, recognizing that all money held by CMG is held in trust for the members who provide it through their dues.

First priority will be given to labour organizations or professional organizations which, like CMG, are concerned with the working conditions, professional interests and public interests of the media in Canada. CMG has and will continue to make donations to other labour unions during times of conflict to support their members.

Other organizations may request assistance and their requests shall be weighed on an individual basis. These include charitable organizations with the kind of broad national reach that is in keeping with the national scope of our organization. CMG may, through the National Executive Committee, choose to designate one particular charity for extra attention, as other labour unions in Canada have done.

Organizations such as the Canadian Association of Journalists and Canadian Journalists for Free Expression have received support and may continue to do so as long as their interests remain concurrent with those of CMG.


Requests for donations or contributions received at the National office or sent to elected officers of CMG will be forwarded to the CMG Donations Committee. The Committee will make any necessary inquiries, including consultation with Branches and Location Units where appropriate. If the Committee deems it is a request that should be handled at the national level it may approve donations not to exceed $2,000. It also may suggest the donation request is more appropriately handled at a Branch or Location Unit level, if they have the resources.

Donations in excess of $2,000 must be approved by the National Executive Committee.


The national office is frequently notified of a death in the family of an active member, Executive or former Executive member; similarly the office also responds to requests by small branches to acknowledge the birth of a child or a member in hospital. Gifts on the birth of a child or a death in the family sent on such occasions should not exceed $100.

Branch Councils and Location Units

Requests received by branches and Location Units shall be considered under these same criteria. Their respective E

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