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CMG Policy: Grants: Hardship

Approved by NEC – May 21, 2008

From time to time, the Canadian Media Guild National Executive or Management Committee is approached with a request to provide financial assistance to a member in serious financial need. These situations are not at all related to a strike or lockout, rather they arise as the result of a family crisis or tragedy, the loss of benefits, or prolonged illness.

These guidelines are established as an addendum to the Grants/Donations Policy to assist in making decisions in such cases.


1. All requests will be directed to Management Committee. Management Committee will have the authority to make grants available to CMG members in cases of undue hardship.

2. Cases of undue hardship could vary from housing, family or other issues related to the security or welfare of the member and his/her immediate family. Hardship grants are intended to deal with sudden unforeseen emergencies and extraordinary situations.

3. Applicants must be Members in good standing.

4. Management Committee may require personal documentation to satisfy itself that the request meets the guidelines. This may include bank statements, mortgage/rent payments, car payments, utility bills, etc. Management Committee may also explore other appropriate avenues for help that may be available. All personal information will be treated in the highest confidence.

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