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CMG Policy: Members’ Personal Information

Approved by the NEC October 14, 2020

The CMG staff and elected volunteers commit to keeping private and confidential all member information shared in the course of union work.

This includes, but is not limited to, the use of member emails and other contact information.

In addition, all staff and members who access members’ private information, including email addresses, commit to using this information only in the course of approved union work.

The CMG commits to restricting access to members’ personal contact information such as emails, to staff or officials who specifically need to possess the information to perform their roles in representing members.

The use of this information will be strictly limited to those persons specifically working on a union project for a designated purpose and time frame.

In the use of members’ personal information, CMG is committed to the following principles:

1. the union can use the contact information only for legitimate purpose of representing its members as required under the applicable labour relations legislation and not for any other purposes
2. the union cannot disclose the information to anyone other than those officials responsible for fulfilling its obligations
3. the union must apply the principles of the applicable privacy legislation and regulations
4. the information from the employer should be provided to the union in a protected form
5. expired contact information should be appropriately disposed of after updated information was provided.

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