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CMG Policy: Professional Development

Approved by National Executive Committee, October 6, 1997
Revised January 17, 1998

Recognizing that an increasing number of members are requesting financial assistance to attend professional conferences, workshops and similar events–and noting the Guild¹s financial situation requires all expenditures to be examined carefully–the National Executive Committee hereby establishes the following rules and guidelines.

1) Where possible, all applications for financial assistance must be received by the local Executive and the National Office two months before the event.

2) All applications must include a written submission explaining how attendance at the event will be to the benefit of: a)the applicant, b)his or her colleagues and c)the Guild as a whole. Applications must also include a reasonably detailed budget and all available background information on the event (e.g.: brochures, agenda or media material).

3) All successful applicants are required to provide the NEC with a written report on the event and some applicants may be requested to provide a report to one of the Guild¹s publications. In addition, grant recipients may be required to provide a statement of expenses.

4) Successful applicants may receive one-half of their grant prior to the event. The remainder will be paid upon receipt of the report(s) outlined in 3.

5) When more than one application to attend any one event is received, the NEC may limit the number of grants awarded. The NEC shall have sole responsibility for selecting applicants and may do so either by any means it deems appropriate including a lottery.

6) Notwithstanding the above, the NEC reserves the right to reject or accept any application.

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