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CMG Policy: Respect in the Workplace

Adopted by the National Executive Committee March 3, 2012

The Canadian Media Guild (CMG) recognizes the dignity and worth of every individual and is committed to a climate of understanding and mutual respect in the workplace.

The CMG will not tolerate, ignore or condone bullying, improper comments, conduct, actions or gestures directed towards a specific individual that would be reasonably considered to create an intimidating, humiliating, hostile or offensive work environment.

Improper comments, conduct, actions or gestures:

a. include profanity and abusive language; verbal and physical threats or assault; intimidation; taunting or ostracizing; rude or inappropriate jokes or innuendo; overly aggressive, embarrassing, humiliating or demeaning behaviour; and malicious gestures or actions;

b. must not be a trivial occurrence that could reasonably be expected to take place in a work environment; and

c. do not include the good faith exercise of supervisory or management duties or responsibilities and/or do not serve any other legitimate workplace purpose.

This policy does not apply to allegations of sexual or discriminatory harassment, which will continue to be dealt with in accordance with the CMG’s Harassment Policy.   No complaint can be filed under both the Harassment Policy and this Respect in the Workplace Article.

Complaints regarding respect in the workplace shall be treated seriously and in strict confidence.

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